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Offsite Shredding

Our offsite shredding ensures a secure and confidential paper shredding service and the protection of your sensitive information from the time of collection at your location, through to delivery at our destruction centre.

Secure information destruction is our business and you can have complete confidence in our process from beginning to end.

Material is secured at point of collection and recorded on the collection document, which is kept with the material until point of destruction. Baxter operatives who are security screened to BS7858 then transport the material in security protected vehicles to the destruction facility. These vehicles are real time tracked and deadlocked during transit.

Offsite Shredding 1

At the destruction facility vehicles enter the internal security corridor where the material is placed into destruction lanes. This is surveyed and monitored by 24hr CCTV and a red care alarm system conforming to PD6662.

Offsite Shredding 2

The material is processed the same day as arrival at the facility through a high capacity state of the art shredding system. This is destroyed via cross cut shredding in accordance with BSEN: 14713-2009. The certificate of destruction is completed and an electronic copy returned. The shredded material is then baled, which increases integrity and density ready for safe transportation.

Offsite Shredding 3

The shredded material is then loaded onto an articulated vehicle and transported to the paper mill. On arrival at the paper mill, the resultant material is 100% recycled and rejuvenated into tissue related products. The audit trial is now complete.

Offsite Shredding 4

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Saving 56% over the previous company

When I joined this GP Practice they had been using a well-known-shredding company for many years. I was dissatisfied with having my confidential waste taken into the car park to be shredded. I felt this looked rather amateurish and there was an unacceptable risk of papers blowing away in the car park! The staff at Baxter are extremely professional and since all four of our sites were set up I have not experienced any problems/issues. The consoles provided by Baxter do not look out of place in the offices. These are locked to prevent unauthorised access. Another “pro” has been a financial saving of 56% over the previous company. I cannot recommend them highly enough – I am not on commission.