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Certified Destruction

In order to provide certified hard drive, data and document destruction this is the process we follow.......

Security Assured

Secure Destruction of Confidential Material – Code of Practice

In accordance with BSEN: 15713-2009

  • All staff are required to sign a deed of confidentiality prior to employment and are security screened to BS7858.
  • Security protected vehicles are used for the collection of confidential material. The vehicles are operated on a real time tracking systems allowing instant knowledge of their location. Vehicles are alarmed, locked and immobilised when unattended and automatically locked when in transit. Vehicles are able to keep constant communication with the company by telephone.
  • Material is secured in containers or sacks at the point of collection using mechanical closures and recorded onto the collection document.
  • Collection driver signs the document to confirm collection. The client signs to give the company permission to destroy. The document travels with the material to the point of destruction where details of the operator, time and date of destruction are recorded.
  • This document then becomes the certificate of destruction, a signed copy of which is returned to the client. The other copy retained at the company to complete the audit trail.
  • Baxter Confidential (the company) operates from a secure site, the premises being physically isolated from other businesses or activities on the same site
  • Destruction of confidential material takes place within one working day from arrival at site.
  • An approved alarm system is in place conforming to PD6662 and CCTV recording facilities installed to monitor the unloading, storage and destruction of material. The recorded images are held digitally for a minimum of 31 days.
  • Authorized entry to operational area by visitors is subject to supervision by appropriately screened personnel. Access is denied to unauthorized persons
  • Material is destroyed by means of cross cut shredding machines, rendering the resultant material unreadable, illegible, and unreconstructable.
  • Where practicable, end products consisting of recyclable material, e.g. Paper, metal or plastics are recycled.
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